Frequently Asked

Frequently Asked Questions

Aquamation, formally known as Alkaline Hydrolysis, uses water and a small amount of minerals to speed up the natural process of decomposition. For 20 hours a combination of 95% warm water and 5% alkali gently rushes over the body leaving only mineral bone ash which becomes the take home remains. The process of Aquamation uses all of the added alkali therefore the solution is no longer present in the water at the completion.
Aquamation utilizes well-established technology, patented in 1888, that has been newly approved for the pet industry. Aquamation is being used all over the world including Australia and Canada as well as across our nation for pet disposition and in prominent research facilities and learning hospitals including Mayo Clinic and UCLA. Resting Waters is the first business in the city of Seattle to utilize this burgeoning technology.
Our process allows you to honor your pet by making the most environmentally responsible and humane choice for their disposition. Aquamation has 1/10th of the carbon footprint and uses 1/12th of the energy of flame based cremation. The remains and effluent are completely non-toxic after the process as it rids the tissue of all RNA and DNA as well as any pathogens or chemicals in the body including chemotherapy. The leftover, now nutrient rich, water is recycled back to the earth through the city\'s wastewater plant and can even be used for fertilizer. Resting Waters treats you and your pet with the same dignity and compassion demanded from the human funeral industry. From the time we pick up your loved one to us returning them back to you or the earth our promise is to be respectful and to handle them with the utmost care.
Our number one priority is making sure every pet is returned back to their family. We are pet parents ourselves and know how crucial it is to trust any person who is treating your loved ones. We use the same metal disc tracking system employed by human disposition facilities to ensure your pet is identifiable through the entire process. This unique identifier follows your pet from start to finish and is checked and re-checked multiple times, beginning at pick-up, ending upon return to you. Each animal is separated by stainless steel enclosures during the entire Aquamation process. Remains are dried independently then placed in individual urns to guarantee the return of only your pet to you. That same metal disc is returned along with your pet's ashes.
Yes, the remains and effluent are completely non-toxic after the process of Aquamation as it rids the tissue of all RNA and DNA as well as any pathogens or chemicals in the body including chemotherapy. Your pet's ashes returned from Resting Waters are 100% safe to handle and can be divided amongst family members, moved into a different vessel, or scattered at your discretion.
Yes, we accept animals with medical or surgical devices such as metal screws from an injury. Metal is not affected by our process and will be recycled after Aquamation or returned to you upon request.
We lovingly return to the earth all pet ashes from communal aquamations by scattering them in a private forest overlooking the Chiwawa River, in Leavenworth, WA.


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