About Us

Even death has a heart.
― Markus Zusak

Our Mission

True compassion and care for your loved companion through a gentle and environmentally responsible water process.

Resting Waters was created to introduce an innovative and environmentally friendly technology to the pet aftercare market in Seattle, Washington.

Our goal is to set the standard for pet disposition by mirroring the grace and dignity of the human death care industry. We accomplish this by working with pet owners, vets and rescues to provide the same quality and compassion one should expect in such a sensitive field. Serving the greater Seattle metropolitan area, Resting Waters is run by passionate personnel who have an understanding and respect for the grieving process. We use the most advanced, environmentally safe system on the market to insure that we are not only providing the most gentle process available, but also the most environmentally sound one. We are driven to serve our community with love and respect for all.

Roth and Bressler Families

Humanity for all of earth’s creatures and the family members left behind to grieve the loss of a loved one. Treating everyone we meet with the highest level of care and kindness is our top priority.
Community commitment for us means providing a personalized high level service for the people in our area. Bringing these loved ones back to the earth in the most gentle, green, and humane way while supporting families through the grieving process is what drives us.
Environmental Responsibility for our planet and beautiful city is something we take very seriously. Incorporating green technology, eco conscious options, and locally sourced products into every aspect of our business model is how we stay true to our founding principals.

Our Team

Sisters Joslin and Darci are here to help you and your family after the passing of a loved one.
Joslin Roth
Owner / CEO

Joslin spent her young adulthood volunteering for hospice, it was through that experience she knew she was well suited for giving back to her community through aftercare and grief support.

Raising her family, human and fur alike, in the beautiful city of Seattle inspired her to seek out an eco friendly, compassionate, and gentle process to provide aftercare.

Darci and Joslin
Darci Bressler
Owner / COO

Darci and her husband Jordan are pet parents to a lovable English Bulldog Winston and a gentle Cornsnake Khaleesi.

Providing other pet parents with the improved benefit offered by Resting Waters after the loss of a family member is something she is extremely passionate about.